Prada: Shop Mens Now Via Mr Porter



The ladies already know they can shop Prada via Net-A-Porter, and now the boys can do the same via Mr Porter. Starting today, you can buy Prada’s RTW, bags and other essentials for men online, a new designer added to the online shopping site’s repertoire that I say is better late than never.

Curated for the Mr Porter man, I did a quick scan of all 74 items offered online and yes, they are decidedly classic, ‘safe’ pieces you can wear season after season whilst building your Prada wardrobe. You’ll find everything from wool coats to two-piece suits, from jackets to tees along with essentials like bags, footwear and even smaller accessories like cufflinks and optical glasses.

For those looking for runway pieces, there are a couple as well, from the wool cardigan British actor Eddie Redmayne is modelling in Prada’s F/W16 ad campaign to Prada’s Impossible True Love shirt that everyone wants a piece of this season. In other words, kindly excuse me whilst I go checkout a few items and #happyshopping.

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Hermes Constance, A Touch Of Sophistication,Hermes Replica Buys!


The thing I love most when talking about Hermes knockoff bags is the fact that they actually represent my favorite thing in life. And what’s there a better thing to do than writing about what you love most? Well, I must say this is probably one of those things I have in common with one of the most popular fashion bloggers in the world, Chiara Ferragni. I spotted a picture of her today where she was sporting one of the most popular Hermes bags, the Constance.
The Constance is one of my favorite Hermes knockoff bags and I must say I’m truly excited to see Chiara sporting it. The thing I love most about this picture is actually the great combination between a true fashion lover and, of course, a true fashion symbol. Yes, a Hermes bag will always represent the idea of fashion, luxury and wealth. But beside those things, there’s one more aspect that I’d like to highlight, and that would be the good taste one can have in matter of style.
So basically, when we look at her, we notice beauty, style and simplicity. If you ask me, a Hermes Constance bag can actually make it even easier achieving such a look. Since it is one of my favorite Hermes knockoff bags, I consider it a true investment item. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in a very good replica Hermes Constance, follow the link I shared above and tell me what you think!
For the Black Friday Sales that are soon coming, everyone needs to put on their shopping list a few new Hermes items. They are timeless pieces that shouldn’t be missing from your luxury replica articles collection.Hermes Constance, A Touch Of Sophistication
Be it a replica handbag, an elegant watch or a piece of jewelry, one must add a few Hermes products to their wardrobe.
The Black Friday Sales are such a happy time for fashion lovers. It’s a time when they can find some of the best online deals. The main advantage of replica accessories is that they allow people to afford luxury products. Fashion lovers from all over the world can buy their favorite branded articles without spending a fortune on them. Imagine how good it feels to pay even less during the Black Friday Sales. Fashion has never been so affordable.
Planning to expand your collection with a few products during the sales period? That’s an excellent idea! And we have a few suggestions we’re sure you will find very interesting.

Since we’re still in the fall season, we chose a few accessories in fall colors to match your seasonal outfits. Every season has its colors and autumn is all about the leafs chancing colors. Orange and tan are some popular shades these days and we couldn’t miss the occasion to show you some beautiful Hermes replicas in these colors.

Black Friday Sales- Top Hermes Replica Buys!

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PurseBlog Asks: Is the Givenchy Antigona Over?


Back in July, Amanda asked you which popular bag you thought was ready for retirement. It’s personal choice and of course what one person may deem is over another may just be starting to love. There are certain bags however that hit the ‘I’ve got to have this’ wave and ride it for quite sometime and theGivenchy Antigona is one of them. When this bag became popular, it seemed as though everyone wanted one and everyone had one.

The beauty of the Antigona lies in its shape that is different from most bags and clean lines that makes it wearable day after day and season after season. Few bags become must-haves for the masses in plain black leather, but the Antigona did. Google image search “Givenchy Antigona” and you will see many of the images of black Antigonas spotted throughout the first pages. We actually just covered Lily Aldridge and her Givenchy Antigona which she still can’t seem to get enough of! This bag was a staple, and it seemed it wouldn’t die down. But inevitably, this Givency bag has, just like majority of bags do, and there isn’t the same craze anymore.

But does that mean this bag is over?

I was doing my typical daily online browsing and ran into the black Givenchy Antigona pictured above today. I recognized it right away and for a minute, I thought – hey, I still like that bag. But do I love it? The Antigona became so well-loved that it hit a saturation point and just like all other bags, new bags popped up that made it on people’s wish lists. While this wouldn’t be the next black bag I add to my collection, I want to ask you for your opinion in the comments below.

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Photo: Lachlan Bailey

Photo: Lachlan Bailey

These are the stories making headlines on Friday.

Victoria Beckham is British Vogue's latest cover star
The fashion designer and former Spice Girl fronts British Vogue's October issue. Inside, she writes an intimate letter to her younger self, entitled "What I Wish I'd Known." Peruse the Lachlan Bailey-lensed shoot and read the entire interview once the issue hits newsstands Sept. 8. {British Vogue}

Welcome back,
The former online destination for runway shows is making a comeback asCondé Nast's e-commerce platform. "From its very beginning, revolutioned fashion, making runway shows available to everyone," said Anna Wintour, artistic director of Condé Nast, Vogue EIC and board member in a press release. "It's fitting, then, that the site's newest incarnation will take that even further, giving us a glimpse right now of how we're going to shop in the future." {Fashionista Inbox}

Gap sales see August decline (and details on the distribution center fire)
Sales for August were down 3 percent versus a 2 percent decrease last year for the mass retailer, which experienced a fire in its New York distribution center earlier this week. "While it will take time to understand the full impact and cause of the fire, we have contingency plans in place and are working across our North American network of distributions centers to continue to serve our customers," said Debbie Felix, Gap Inc. spokeswoman to WWD. "Gap's ship-from-stores capabilities will also help the situation." 

Club Monaco makes a #SeeNowBuyNow debut for NYFW
The Ralph Lauren-owned label is making its NYFW debut with a men's and women's presentation on Sept. 9, totaling 37 looks that will be immediately available for purchase in select North American stores and via the brand's e-commerce site. "Based on the evolution of Club Monaco and our New York heritage, the timing felt right for us to show at New York Fashion Week," said chief executive officer John Mehas in an interview with WWD. {Business of Fashion}

Chinese influencers love Gucci. (Like, a lot.)
In a study regarding social media engagement by global consulting firm R3 Worldwide and consumer intelligence company Bomoda, Gucci has emerged as China's favorite brand among "key opinion leaders" (a.k.a. #influencers) in the country. Dior took second place, followed by Louis Vuitton, Givenchy andChanel.

Authentic Brands Group buys Aeropostale
After declaring bankruptcy back in May, the fate of teen retailer Aeropostale was very much unclear. However, in a recent auction, a consortium led byAuthentic Brands Group stepped up to buy the company for $250 million, keeping over 200 stores open and saving thousands of jobs. The acquisition will include Aéropostale's e-commerce and the international licensing business. 

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You Can Already Pre-Order Marc Jacobs’ MTV Collection Pieces


Marc Jacobs MTV Collection Pre-Order

One of our pop culture’s finest admirers, Marc Jacobs is no stranger to MTV-inspired creations. Less than a few months ago, our surrealist fashion designer decided it was about time to pay homage to one of the things that, throughout the past 30 decades, enthusiastically managed to fully represent (at least) two different generations at once: MTV. In doing so, he focused on MTV’s first years of life in the entertainment industry, releasing the heavily Eighties-infused Marc Jacobs resort 2017 collection that celebrates music, fashion and culture in all their (flamboyant) glory.

Although receiving overall positive comments after the official release, it wasn’t up until now that the Marc Jacobs MTV-inspired collection made everybody run amok, and we bet its pieces will be all over the social media as soon as those who have pre-ordered them finally get their hands on them (#IWantMyMJMTV is the line-up’s official hashtag!).

The craze officially began a few days ago, when award-winning actress Tracee Ellis Ross wore one of Marc Jacobs’ MTV staples at the VMAs to introduce one of Rihanna’s music performances, in what could be regarded as the most effective act of perfect timing ever.

Aside from introducing us to Rihanna’s time to shine, Tracee Ellis Ross opened the gates of fashion, reminding us about those quirky proposals we saw a while back, the colors, lines, and cuts of which are perfect to be mixed and matched with all of the other Marc Jacobs resort 2017 pieces.

Marc Jacobs MTV Collection Pre-Order

With price tags that range from $150 to 1400 (the short-sleeved tees go for $995 and the embroidered sweatshirts for more than $1000), Marc Jacobs’ MTV-inspired proposals all feature cozy, edgy styles along with whimsical and eye-catching patterns, the most Eighties-inspired of which, of course, feature either animal or psychedelic neon motifs.

Thick in texture and with refined rounded necks and hems, the patterns of the pieces got paired with rather soft colors in the background, such as pink, blue and black. Jacobs included everything from cotton to cashmere, which means that even if you live in a cold country, you will still be able to channel your inner MTV-obsessed child anytime you want to.

Although sweatshirts and t-shirts are at the core of this resort 2017 collection’s MTV-related side, the designer managed to create a few colorful tote bags too, which are available for purchase for ‘only’ $595 (and could make someone extremely happy just in time for Christmas).

Marc Jacobs’ MTV collection is going to be available for pre-order only from now up until Tuesday, so if you would like to grab some pieces, act fast! Depending on the garment of your choice, the expected shipping and delivery dates will be staggered across September, October and November 2016.

Marc Jacobs MTV Collection Pre-Order

Photos courtesy of Marc Jacobs

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Bergdorf Goodman Has Tons of Exclusive Handbags from Brands Like Chloé and Fendi to Celebrate Its Redesigned Main Floor


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