Herve Leger Stores Closing


Because of the wonderful ladies of this community, we heard about Herve Leger stores closing before many Herve Leger employees! Since the news was just released, there are a lot of rumors floating around. So, what is going on? Is Herve Leger really shutting down? When will this happen? And, will there be any sales?

Herve Leger storefront display mall

People are making their purchases more and more online. Over the last couple of years, major stores have been closing brick-and-mortar stores left and right.

Following suit, most Herve Leger stores will be closing as well. Depending on the source, it is rumored that only 1-3 Herve Leger brick-and-mortar stores will remain.

One sales associate reported that the only Herve Leger store to remain open is West Broadway in New York, while another claimed that 3 will remain open (one Florida store, Rodeo Drive LA California, and West Broadway New York).

Herve Leger storefront display mall

As reported by a manager and sales associate, most of the stores are scheduled to be shut down in 8-10 weeks from now (so sometime in April 2017).

Now, here's something really interesting. Herve Leger stores, as of last week, can no longer fulfill phone orders. So unless you can get your butt into the brick-and-mortar store, you won't be able to order anything from these closing stores.

Herve Leger storefront display mall

Currently, there are some marked down items in the Herve Leger stores. The discount ranges from 20-50%. Prices are expected to be slashed further as the closing date draws closer. Popular sizes like xs and s are already disappearing.

But, there's an even more compelling reason to visit a closing Herve Leger store. The experience of trying on Herve Leger at a Herve Leger store is unbeatable. Sure, some department stores will continue carrying this brand, but the selection both for sizes and styles at a Herve Leger store is incomparable.

From basic to elaborate dresses, you're bound to find at least a dozen different styles that really suit your body. If you don't already know which Herve Leger dresses/tops/pants look the best on yourself, get your butt into the store to try them out. I HATE shopping in stores, but trying on Herve Leger in the HL store is my favorite in-person shopping. It's a treat for anyone who loves clothing!

Herve Leger storefront display mall

Lastly, I'm so sad to see some of the amazing stylists at Herve Leger move on. It's tough to have your job whisked out from under you. Here's a shout out to my girl, Marita, at the Atlanta store. Not only are you beautiful inside and out, have KILLER style, but you have always provided a memorable, FUN shopping experience. Customer service can be tough; mad respect! I wish you the very best for all your future endeavors.

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Tiffany & Co. Makes Super Bowl Debut, as CEO Departs After Just Two Years

CATEGORIES:Jewelry & Watches

Tiffany & Co announced on Sunday that Frederic Cumenal has stepped down as chief executive officer “effectively immediately,” after less than two years in the role. Cumenal’s departure comes just after the New York-based jewelry company recently reported “disappointing” financial results.

The retailer said its chairman and previous chief executive, Michael Kowalski, would serve as interim CEO while the board of directors hunts for a new CEO. Kowalski, who will continue as Chairman, said in a statement on Sunday: "The Board is committed to our current core business strategies, but has been disappointed by recent financial results.”  He said the company remains focused on "enhancing the customer experience, increasing the rate of new product introductions and innovation, maximizing marketing effectiveness, ... all while efficiently managing our capital and costs."

Tiffany & Co., whose New York flagship calls Trump Tower a neighbor, said in January that its sales during the November-December holiday period were "somewhat lower" than it had expected, hurt by lower consumer spending and a drop in sales at its flagship store in New York. According to a recent statement from the brand: "Management attributed the lower sales to local customer spending, with a decline in US sales exacerbated by a 14% decline at the company's flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York, which we attribute at least partly to post-election traffic disruptions.”

In other Tiffany & Co. news, while the company was scrambling amidst news of Cumenal’s departure, it made its Super Bowl commercial debut. In fact, maybe even more surprising than the news of Cumenal’s resignation is the fact the luxury jewelry retailer chose Super Bowl Sunday to do it (just hours before kickoff). The company unveiled half-time show performer Lady Gaga as the face of its new fashion jewelry collection, Tiffany HardWear, with its first ever Super Bowl commercial.

Mark L. Aaron, VP-Investor Relations, said on Sunday that the timing was coincidental. “That’s just the way it happened.”

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Bella Hadid stars in Zadig & Voltaire's spring-summer 2017 campaignBella Hadid stars in Zadig & Voltaire’s spring-summer 2017 campaign

Top model Bella Hadid nabs the spring-summer 2017 campaign from Zadig & Voltaire. The Paris-based brand is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year in a major way. Bella joins DJ Clara 3000 and model Vera Van Erp for the images. Gigi’s little sister serves rock and roll vibes in three chic ensembles. In one shot, she wears a knit sweater reading ‘Amour’, while another features her in a white blazer with distressed pants. In addition to the print advertisements, Bella can also be seen in a behind-the-scenes video.


Model Bella Hadid sports military jacket and floral print dress in Zadig & Voltaire's spring 2017 campaignModel Bella Hadid sports military jacket and floral print dress in Zadig & Voltaire’s spring 2017 campaignAn image from Zadig & Voltaire's spring 2017 campaign starring Bella HadidAn image from Zadig & Voltaire’s spring 2017 campaign starring Bella HadidVera Van Erp stars in Zadig & Voltaire's spring-summer 2017 campaignVera Van Erp stars in Zadig & Voltaire’s spring-summer 2017 campaignVera Van Erp poses in chic sunglasses for Zadig & Voltaire's spring 2017 advertising campaignVera Van Erp poses in chic sunglasses for Zadig & Voltaire’s spring 2017 advertising campaignDJ Clara 3000 stars in Zadig & Voltaire's spring-summer 2017 campaignDJ Clara 3000 stars in Zadig & Voltaire’s spring-summer 2017 campaignClara 3000 rocks striped sweater and denim in Zadig & Voltaire’s spring 2017 campaignClara 3000 rocks striped sweater and denim in Zadig & Voltaire’s spring 2017 campaign

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Celebs Show Off a Staggering Bag Selection from Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang and Sophie Hulme


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This Large Denim Deauville Shopping Bag from Chanel is all you’ll ever need once you go on a mad shopping spree/ retail therapy. Luxuriously stylish and chic, this Chanel large bag can carry all your essentials and other shopping items.

Recently launched during Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection Act 1, this one is attention grabbing due to its large size and uniquely fun style. The logo comes in bright orange lettering, proudly displaying that it’s a Chanel bag. The interwoven chained shoulder straps and the handles are two practical things you shouldn’t dare miss. Yes, it means you can carry it by the hand or over the shoulder.

And just like your high-fashion denim jeans, this new oversized bag is made from denim, which means its durable, strong and easy to maintain.

With its large size, it is ideal to bring during your travels abroad. It can hold all your travel essentials such as your vanity kit, neck pillow, iPod, and even your laptop! Mind you, it is a perfect companion for your crazy Bangkok shopping!

If you’re heading to the beach, this bag also proves to be handy as it can hold your sunglasses, wide brimmed hat, sun block, and your favorite book all in one place. Style code A66942, measuring 12.5” x 20.5” x 8.3” inches, priced at $2900 USD, €2350 euro, £2120 GBP, $3780 SGD, $19200 HKD, $3600 AUD, ¥18200 CNY via Chanel boutiques.



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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Your Wife


Only a week left until Valentine’s Day. Your wife deserves the very best on this special occasion. Jewelry, handbags and watches from luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, are some of the perfect presents on this day. Here are some ideas to gift your wife this Valentine’s Day.

1.Louis Vuitton Diamond Blossom Ray Ring – $2,990.00 (USD)

The wife truly deserves this beauty in Monogram flower, set with diamonds.Louis Vuitton Diamond Blossom Ray Ring

2.Chanel Maxi Classic Flap Bag – $6,000.00 (USD)

A must have for any woman!Chanel Maxi Classic Flap Bag

3. Gucci Flora Bracelet – $5,850.00 (USD)

Diamonds and butterflies are always a sight to see!
Gucci Flora Bracelet

4. Hermes Constance Charm Pendant – $7,250.00 (USD)

Your favorite bag turned into a pendant, how chic is that?
Hermes Constance Charm Pendant

5. Fendi Peekaboo Large Floral-Embroidered Satchel Bag – $5,550.00 (USD)

Beautifully embroidered Fendi Peekaboo bags brings in so much style.
Fendi Peekaboo Large Floral-Embroidered Satchel Bag

6. Dior La D de Dior Diamond, Pink Mother-Of-Pearl & Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch – $4950.00 (USD)

An elegant timepiece for those special occassions.
Dior La D de Dior Diamond, Pink Mother-Of-Pearl & Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

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