Where To Buy New Louis Vuitton Lockit Tote, Soft Lockit LV Price 2014

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In Michelle Williams’ Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2014 Ad Campaign, we first time view the latest new 2014 Louis Vuitton Lockit bag. We all now, this time 2014 edition lockit bag is not a brand new invention, it was original launched in 1958 in an arched shape, a tote bag that looked quite modern in its time. And up until today, it is still selling as a vintage piece.

First re-design in 2006, the lockit louis vuitton bags inspired by the distinctive closure system. And this is the second time re-design in 2014. Newest Louis Vuitton Lockit Bag come out in the classic edition has a modern twist, and soft, supple, lightweight leather makes this bag perfect to be carried by hand or with the optional shoulder strap.

Many of celes also like to carry it since we saw both Reese Witherpoon and Karlie Kloss carry the LV soft lockit bag, so it may be on the arms of A-list models and celebrities. the Lockit LV bags will be price at $4150 at store, but you can purchase via at lower price with free shipping!
Louis Vuitton Lockit Tote Sale
Material: Leather
Fuction: Shoulder Bags And Totes
Model: M94594, M94592, M94698, M94595
Color: Magnolia,Black,Quetsche,Framboise
Special Price: $208.99

 Louis-Vuitton-Soft-Lockit Soft Lockit LV Price 2014

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