Chanel and Louis Vuitton Named Top Brands on Social Media


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In the bustling digital era, fashion brands are fighting to earn a spot on the top of the social media ladder. As consumers become more attached to their screens, brands are making it a bigger priority to establish themselves on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (read: Top 10 Most Digitally Savvy Brands)
So, who is truly a leader in the social media world?

According to WWD, Insightpool, a marketing platform that gathers social data, observed the profiles of top fashion brands from January 2017 to April 2017 in an attempt to learn more about the online fashion landscape. Insightpool tracked the overall audience engagement of these brands through keywords, comments, and tags.

The study concluded that Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Siriano are the top three social media leaders in the digital world at the moment. In terms of followers, here’s what the numbers show us:

  • Chanel – 20.1 million Instagram followers and 12.8 million Twitter followers
  • Louis Vuitton – 16.1 million Instagram followers and 6.11 million Twitter followers
  • Christian Siriano – 643,000 Instagram followers and 372,000 Twitter followers

While this hierarchy interesting, it’s not all about numbers. Gaining more followers can help companies raise brand awareness and inform consumers about new products or trends. Most consumers these days make big shopping decisions from the content they see on social media and general web searches. (Read: Handbag Shopping – Does More Browsing Increase Satisfaction)

If you’re curious, here’s the top 10 list from Insightpool:

Insightpool Top 10 Fashion Brands

  1. Chanel
  2. Louis Vuitton
  3. Christian Siriano
  4. Puma
  5. Forever 21
  6. Marc Jacobs
  7. Adidas
  8. Victoria’s Secret
  9. H&M
  10. Nike

Are you surprised by the results? Let us know your thoughts on BopTalk.

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Chanel Saint Tropez, France.


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Rihanna and Her Dior Saddle Bag


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Since We Last Checked on Kelly Rowland, She’s Added a Ton of Bags to Her Collection



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There’s a new Prada tote bag coming to town and it looks like it is set to conquer the hearts of bagaholics! Introducing the latest Prada Bomber Tote Bag, which looks exquisitely stylish in all the right angles.

Let’s take a peek and walk down memory lane as we talk about the Bomber. Oozing the elegance and confidence, the Prada Bomber features a thick and pleated look of the exterior, adding a touch of chic and funk to your overall ensembles.

This latest Prada bag is crafted with Bomber-effect fabric that is made ultra stylish by pairing it over steel hardware. The bomber is famous for the smooth feel and also for its durable material. This means no more babying the bag or continuesly maintaince, and doesn’t that sound like the perfect everyday bag. The Bomber material is also very lighweight and you can stuff your bag without worrying that it will expand like leather. It also boasts the enamel triangle logo, which makes it easier to distinguish from all the other luxury bags out there. Altough it comes with double leather handle, you can also wear it as a shoulder bag.

Aside from these, the Prada Bomber Tote Bag also has a lot to offer when it comes to its interior features. It has three inside pockets, including one with zipper closure to keep your things organized and has one outside pocket with zipper closure.

It measures 24.5 x 15 (L x H) cm and is priced $1100 USD, €950 euro, £820 GBP, ¥144720 JPY via Prada boutiques.




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Rumors were circulating that Chanel would increase prices last month (april 2017), but up until now the prices have remain the same. Which means, we’re off the hook for now. However, there is still a chance that Chanel will increase prices later this year.


It’s fun to shop at Chanel, we love the handbags, wallets and other accessories like earrings. But when it comes to prices, then the fun starts to drop. Because we know that the prices usually go up and never go down. And if you will definitely not be happy if you’ve heard the rumors that Chanel will increase prices next month April. But is this true?

Sometime ago, there was a lady who had purchased her bag on the day of price increase. It’s wasn’t so much fun when she got to know that her bag was a several dollars more expensive just because she was one day late. And this is also true when you want to exchange your bag from small to medium size. Let’s say you just bought a Chanel bag in small size and next day you want to exchange it to a medium size. If the price has increased, Chanel will charge you the ‘new price’ and not the ‘old price’. You need to compensate for the extra costs.

In the past, when Chanel announced a price increase, it usually means; ‘price increase in almost every country’. But everything changed since the ‘price harmonization’ in 2015. What the price harmonization did was increasing prices in some countries while decreasing in others, and to be exact – the prices in Europe went up while in some Asian countries went down. Chanel made this move to balance their losses due to huge currency differences and they continue to do so.

The Price Harmonization Era

In the past, when Chanel announced a price increase, it usually means; ‘price increase in almost every country’. But everything changed since the ‘price harmonization’ in 2015. What the price harmonization did was increasing prices in some countries while decreasing in others, and to be exact – the prices in Europe went up while in some Asian countries went down. Chanel made this move to balance their losses due to huge currency differences and they continue to do so.

Like last year after Brexit. The pound got slashed and the United Kingdom experienced several steep rises in Chanel prices. The prices in the European countries increased as well due to weakening of the Euro currency while the price in United States remain the same. The conclusion: when Chanel announced a price increase, it might not mean price increase in all countries ‘anymore’.

Europe Is Still The Best Place To Buy Chanel

The best place to purchase a Chanel bag is still in the countries within the European Union, because comparing to Asia as well as in United States, the price without VAT return is still cheaper. But what will happen in the next price increase 2017?


[The estimated price increase in 2017 is based on the average percentage price increase in the past year]

Next Chanel Price Increase in 2017

In the next price increase, Chanel will certainly increase prices in the European Union countries, especially in the United Kingdom. Prices in Asia and United States might rise a little as well. Chanel prices can increase as much as 13 to 20% because we have seen this in the past. The prices that go up the most are usually for the ‘Classic’ and ‘Iconic’ handbags. Perhaps this is the Chanel’s style of punishment for procrastination, the heart-breaking feeling hurts more than our wallet.

When the Chanel price increase in 2017, we will keep this post updated. So stay tuned!

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Chloé Nile Minaudière



This perfect half-moon shape you see here, done in true Chloé style, no less, is the Nile Minaudière, which is essentially jewellery-inspired thanks to a number of gold-toned metallic elements on the bag. The main star, the handle, is actually a bracelet – you can ‘hang’ the bag on your arm through the bracelet-handle which might feel silly at first, but give it time and it will feel most natural. It also means you’re hands-free, which is always a good thing, especially when one’s clutching the smartphone while the other is holding a hot latte. It also comes with a long sling, which means you can also wear it over the the shoulder or across the body.


Don’t be fooled by its small size though; the bag’s big enough for a mini cardholder/wallet and your core essentials. There’s also a back pocket for you to slide cards in. EZ-Link? Check. The perfect combination of form and function, it’s also a unique enough design that ensures you won’t be bored after one season.


For those who want more, the Nile collection extends to Small and regular sizes. And although they lose that perfect half-moon shape, the fuller bag is still classically Chloé (looks a little like the Marcie, no?) that comes anchored with the stunning bracelet loop. Which is the highlight of the Nile after all.

Currently sold out on MATCHESFASHION, you can find the Small Nileon Net-A-Porter where it is retailing for GBP1055. In Singapore, you’ll find the Nile Minaudière in White retailing for SGD2180 at On Pedder Ngee Ann City. The Small Nile in Black will also be available soon and will be priced at SGD2380. In other words, go have a look and see if this little darling is for you.

And if you’re a fan of Chloé, I hear they might be coming back to Singapore with a proper standalone store sometime in May 2017, so watch this space for more updates.

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