For Dior lovers out there, this bag is definitely one for the books with its scene-stealing fluorescent orange color. An exact new definition of urban attitude, this trendy mini Dior bag is perfect for the modern-day bellas.

For those confused, this is not the Dior Mini Be Dior Bag, but we talk about that more later…

With its stylish silhouette that is both supple and structured, no wonder the Dior Mini Dior Satchel Bag can be your next go-to everyday bag. We especially adore its bright and attention-grabbing color, which is a perfect match to your monochromatic black or white ensemble and even your flirty floral or printed dresses and jumpsuits.

Made from genuine bullcalf leather with matching shiny jewellery, this bag is an undeniable epitome of elegance and beauty. It also features an adjustable strap thus it can be carried in five ways either as cross body, shoulder, hand, arm, or as a clutch.


Dior Mini Be Dior Satchel Bag (left) vs Dior Mini Be Dior Bag (right)

And if you’re thinking it quite resembles the Dior Mini Be Dior Bag you might be correct, but if you pay closely pay attention to details, they’re actually different. Side by side, you can compare that both bags have a different front flap size and shape. In fact, the Dior Mini Be Dior Bag is a bit taller than the Satchel version but the short in width.


Dior Mini Be Dior Satchel Bag (left) vs Dior Mini Be Dior Bag (right)

Also, the Dior Mini Be Dior Bag has buttons on the sides to make the bag shorter while the satchel version doesn’t have it. And as last, the Satchel version is a bit cheaper.

The Dior Mini Be Dior Satchel Bag measures 21.5 x 15 x 6.5 cm and is priced €2050 euro, £1600 GBP or ₩3,300,000 WON via Dior boutiques.




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All right, before we dive into the stories and details of this new Dior Soft Bag style, we need to share something important first…

The Dior Soft Tote has been altered and mostly in the interior. The latest version is embellished with a zipper that goes to the sides, making it easier to access open pockets. The older version will slowly vanish from the stock, they will not be produced anymore. And now back to the story.

Now presenting the Dior Soft Tote Bag with Cannage Embroidery, a new style (well, not entirely new). The Cannage stitching has always been the icon of Dior and it has been featured in many Soft Tote Bag (in all sizes and colours), even in the Dior Soft Flap Bag. But once a while, Dior comes with something unique that’s different than the original version.

Instead of small diamond patterns lining up to each other, the Cannage Embroidery diamond patterns are larger. And if you screen through our Dior Classic Bag Collection article, you will notice that it’s almost like the same design as the Dior Granville Bag (Tada!).

Whether it’s the Cannage Stitching or the Cannage Embroidery, they are both magnificent. Both represent the reinterpretation of Dior’s emblem. The Dior Soft Tote Bag is practical and timeless, the perfect accessory for every errand an occasion.



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Last Week, Reality TV Stars, Supermodels and Rihanna Carried Bags from Chanel, Dior and Hermès


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When we first posted the Dior Turn Me Dior Croisiere Wallet On Chain bag, we thought: ‘is the chain long enough for shoulder carry?’

If not, then it’s very pity.

But now we have found the bag again and we can confidently say that the chain is good for shoulder carry. Now let’s go into the other info’s:

READ: Dior Turn Me Dior Croisiere Wallet On Chain in details

This bag is made from shiny leather, but it’s also available in grained leather for those that don’t want to choose patent.

The most beautiful part of this Wallet On Chain Bag is the closure, which is called the Turn Me Dior closure. It made in diamond shape and if you look closer, you can read the beautiful DIOR logo crafted on it.

The chain is 120 cm long, so you can wear it cross body or on your shoulder. You can also use it as an evening clutch bag. The options are endless.

The Dior Turn Me Dior Croisiere WOC is modern, elegant and ladylike. Even the name is gorgeous. The interior features a zipped pocket, flat pocket, gusset compartment and 12 card slots.

Is it shopping time yet?


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Dior Stardust Backpack Bag Reference Guide


Presenting the Dior Stardust Backpack Bag. Dior’s newest backpack features the iconic Cannage pattern. It includes a top handle for hand carry. The bag is available in two sizes, Small and Large. Aside from lambskin, it also comes in embellished style, similar to the Dior fusion sneakers. The interior comes with a leather slip pocket and the sides has snap buttons to adjust the compartment size. It comes in a variety of colors, Red, Yellow, Black and Orange.

Style & Price


Dior Small Stardust Backpack Bag

Dior Large Stardust Backpack Bag

Dior Large Embellished Stardust Backpack Bag


Dior Yellow Stardust Backpack Small BagDior Yellow and Red Stardust Backpack Small Bags

Dior Orange/Pink Stardust Backpack Small BagDior Orange/Pink Stardust Backpack Small Bag 2

Dior Red Stardust Backpack Small BagDior Yellow Stardust Backpack Large Bag
Dior Yellow Small and Black Large Stardust Backpack BagsDior Red Stardust Backpack Large BagI
Dior Blue/Pink Embellished Stardust Backpack Small BagDior Blue/Pink Embellished Stardust Backpack Small Bag 2
Dior Red and Yellow Stardust Backpack Large BagsDior Orange/Pink Small and Black Embellished Large Stardust Bags
Dior Black Stardust Backpack Large BagDior Black Stardust Backpack Large Bag 2
Dior Black Stardust Backpack Large Bag 3Dior Black Stardust Backpack Large Bag 4
Dior Black/Blue Embellished Stardust Backpack Large BagDior Black/Blue Embellished Stardust Backpack Large Bag 2
Dior Black/Blue Embellished Stardust Backpack Large Bag 4Dior Black/Blue Embellished Stardust Backpack Large Bag 3
Dior Black Lambskin and Embellished Stardust Backpack Large BagsDior Blue/Pink Embellished Stardust Backpack Large Bag
Dior Black/Pink Embellished Stardust Backpack Large BagDior Black/Pink Embellished Stardust Backpack Large Bag 2
Dior Black/Blue Embellished Stardust Backpack Large Bag

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There is no doubt that the Lady Dior Double Chain Bag is a brilliant creation. A few small adjustments to the Lady Dior Bag have changed the design completely.

However, the essential elements have been kept like the iconic Cannage Stitching, the shape and the eyelets. The double chain only enhances the elegant style, making it more irresistible.

In this post we’re going to take a closer look at the bag from the outside and the inside. And it’s all thanks to Amaira, she has bought this bag in New York after reading our post.


The real images of the Lady Dior Double Chain Bag are even more gorgeous than the model pictures on Dior’s official website. The bag looks quite small, similar to the original Lady Dior Bag. As you can see, the signature CD is marked on the oversized eyelets. And the Cannage Stitching is absolute to-die-for.

But let’s reveal the interior…


Looking at the top of the bag, you will find two compartments – one is a zipped pocket and another is a large compartment closed with inside leather flap. So when you take the leather flap out, you will find one large space to store all the essentials you need. Think of documents, laptop, cosmetics and wallets.

The beautiful thing about this bag is the security. You see, in the zip pocket you can store all your instant-essentials (the things you need to take out quickly and occasionally). This compartment is smaller. The compartment secured with an inside leather flap is for all the larger essentials.

The bag is crafted in lambskin, embellished with light gold jewellery and golden metal chain; this is a practical accessory for the day or in the evening.

For those that are interested, this mini sized bag is measured 19 x 14 x 9 cm, 









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